Star Wars™ Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

• COMPLETE THE OUTFIT: Accessories provide the finishing touches to your Halloween costume, elevating your look from ordinary to extraordinary, and allowing you to fully embrace your chosen character or theme.
• BRING CHARACTERS TO LIFE: Props and accessories worn by characters in movies, TV shows, and video games can help you embody the likeness and personality of your favorite stars, adding authenticity to your costume.
• ADD AN ELEMENT OF SURPRISE: Use props like fake blood, toy weapons, or sound effects to create stunning effects and add a sense of shock or excitement to your costume.

Product Description:
Slash through Empire Forces and lead theJedi with thepower of Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber. Its Collapsable design seals firmly with a locking half ring for safety. When the battle is on, undo thering and unsheath by holding firmly and swinging toward the ground leaving a fewfeet of room. Power up glowingradiate Blue energywith the flip of a switch with Long Lasting LED lights.AA Batteries housed in thehandle grip keeps the fun going. Dont miss out on a chance to leadtheJedi forces in afight forthe Galaxy.TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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WARNING for California Residents