Minecraft™ Sword

• BRING CHARACTERS TO LIFE: Props and accessories worn by characters in movies, TV shows, and video games can help you embody the likeness and personality of your favorite stars, adding authenticity to your costume.
• MAKE A STATEMENT: Eye-catching accessories, such as large hats, oversized jewelry, and bold accessories, allow you to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, adding drama and flair to your ensemble.
• COMPLETE THE OUTFIT: Accessories provide the finishing touches to your Halloween costume, elevating your look from ordinary to extraordinary, and allowing you to fully embrace your chosen character or theme.

Product Description:
Create an awesome cosplay experience or craft the perfect Minecraft Halloween costume with this detailed sword. A gift every dedicated gamer will cherish, it features a professional look and is highly collectible. Add it to your stash of weapons and be prepared for any costume circumstances! 20 1/4" x 10"


UPC: 039897656847


WARNING for California Residents