Men's Blonde Long Beard

• ENHANCE DIY COSTUMES: Add a touch of realism to a homemade outfit with the right facial hair accessory. Whether it's a wizard's long beard or a cowboy's rugged stubble, it can add depth and authenticity to your DIY creation.
• FACILITATE ROLE-PLAY: Donning different types of facial hair can help individuals fully immerse themselves into the character they're portraying, enhancing the role-play experience during Halloween or costume parties.
• EMULATE ICONIC CHARACTERS: Use facial hair accessories to perfectly emulate your favorite characters from movies, TV shows, and video games. A distinctive mustache, beard, or sideburns can instantly turn a good costume into a great one.

Product Description:
This beard is much easier to buy than grow! Chest-length rough-cut synthetic facial hair is a costume essential for everything from hillbilly to biker to rock star. Build your fun and funky Halloween costume around this top-class beard. Be incognito at your next costume party under this luxurious beard!
• Synthetic facial hair


UPC: 019519042289


WARNING for California Residents