Adults White Colonial Quaker Wig

• EMBODY A FAMOUS CHARACTER: Wigs resembling iconic characters from movies, TV shows, and video games help you embody the likeness of your favorite stars, adding authenticity to your costume.
• COMPLETE A GROUP THEME: Coordinate your look with friends or family members by choosing wigs that match a specific theme, such as a group of superheroes, fantasy creatures, or a decade-specific ensemble.
• INSTANTLY RECOGNIZABLE LOOK: Costume wigs are often an easily recognizable element of well-known characters or archetypes, making it easier for others to identify and connect with your costume.

Product Description:
Quaker Adult Wig
Just like the face from your favorite Oatmeal box!
Includes: Chin length colonial style synthetic fiber wig with loose waves and short, tightly curled bangs.

Available Sizes:

One size fits most adults
Available Colors:


UPC: 741545040358


WARNING for California Residents