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Drop Ship Program

Welcome to Morris Costumes drop ship program.

Morris Costumes has the widest line of product worldwide for drop ship distribution to the Halloween/Costume business.

Our program is very simple.

Morris will supply you with the images and descriptions. You may alter the descriptions or use your own, as you see fit. The descriptions, along with the costs, will be sent to you in an xml file.

The images and catalog package can be sent to you for a $35.00 fee.

You must have a valid business permit, and you must sign the credit card release forms and sign/notarize the personal guaranty forms, and return the originals to us.

We charge actual wholesale price for the product. We do not have any minimums.

We currently ship UPS and USPS and charge their published rates plus $5.50 per order for handling. We ship all international orders via USPS and UPS. Tracking with USPS is not as good as UPS. We charge UPS and USPS published residential rates. But UPS and USPS dimensionally measure the packages depending on the service level.

We do not guarantee/insure delivery of USPS packages and damage/loss claims with USPS must be filed thru your office. We will file UPS claims.

We will set you up to receive inventory and daily summary feeds as per the api. You may send us orders either via our web site or by xml posts. We do not accept fax or email orders except under circumstances.

We will assign a dedicated internet specialist to you, to whom you should direct all customer service questions or problems. If you have an order problem, please contact this specialist via email and he/she will resolve the problem.

If we sent either a damaged item or the incorrect item, we will send, via free freight, either a replacement, a partial replacement, or a refund to fix the order. We will make every attempt to have it arrive in time for your customer's event. We may ask for the damaged or incorrect piece to be shipped back to us for credit, or we may ask you to destroy it. If we ask for the item to be returned, we will issue an electronic return label which the customer will simply drop the package off to a UPS center.

If the item does not fit, or your customer does not like it, you will need to place a new order, and return the original item at your cost.

To return a product you will need to obtain an R/A number through our return system. You can accomplish this by posting the return to Morris. If the reason for the return is not Morris' responsibility, we will charge $5.00 for the return, but credit you 100% for the product if it is in new condition in original packaging. Please note that all product must be returned in the original, new, undamaged packaging for credit. If credit is denied, we will post the return with $0.00 credit less the handling fee. We attempt to issue credit within 24 hours of receipt of the return. If we deny credit, we will hold the uncredited product for 30 days should you need a review or return of that product.

If a package is shipped by UPS and refused, then there is an additional $5.00 charge for the return postage.

You may use the original po for the return of the product plus a suffix R or you may use a different po number for the return. In the return, you must note the original po number on the line level.

Please note that the po number used to return the package must be on the outside of the package. It is very helpful if the original packing list is included in the return.

We will notify you of any canceled orders in the xml feeds, along with the codes explaining why they were canceled.

The daily summary will give you the status of all of your orders.

Please note that you may connect to our real time system for a fee of $1,000.00, which includes training with our IT staff. The real time system allows you to access real time information at any time, and is particularly useful for our high-volume customers.

Please let me know how I may assist you in getting started.

Scott Morris
Morris Costumes

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Morris Guaranty

XML Real-time Error Messages   |   XML Availability Schedule and Naming Conventions   |   XML format for sending orders to Morris
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