7 Ft. Soul Stealer Animated Prop Halloween Decoration

Spectacular 7 ft. Soul Stealer Animated Prop will be a show-stopper for your next haunted scene! Spine-chilling phantom moves at the waist from side to side, holding his Book of the Dead while his left arm moves and his head with moving jaw speaks several terrifying phrases. Red LED eyes peer out from a dark hood, and his dark tattered robe has ragged sleeves with long wispy gauze pieces that sway in the slightest breeze. As he speaks, the granite-look tombstone in front of him splits in half, appearing to show reddish fog coming from the grave! Plugs into any normal wall outlet. Complete assembly instructions are included. Add your own fog machine to achieve the effect shown. Fog machine is not included.

Soul Stealer Animated Prop Instructions

UPC: 842445155668