68" Soothsayer Digiteye Witch Prop

Your future unravels in the hands of a decrepit old 68-inch Digiteye Soothsayer Witch Animated Prop with dark inclinations. She grasps a mystical color-changing crystal ball, enticing spirits to draw close. Her Head Turns side to side and her Luminous Digiteyes (a patented technology) spring to life when you enter her proximity, while her hand waves back and forth. A Ragged tattered Shawl is draped around the shoulders of the crone's aging long brown robe. Gnarly teeth protrude from the Soothsayer's Moving Mouth as she recounts one of Five discomforting Phrases:Phrase #1: "I see the veil becomes thinner, your future becomes more clear&hellipand fraught with doom. There are many evils pulling you towards them&hellipmyself included heheheheh!"Phrase #2: "The spirits call to me from beyond the veil, they whisper things&hellipenticing things&hellipdark things&hellipthey have plans for you. You don't have much time &ndash you best get your affairs in order&hellip"Phrase #3: "I call upon the great beyond, show me what the future holds for this fool before me. I now see the sacrifice that must be made! Your blood does not have to be given willingly &ndash in fact, I would enjoy it more if it was not hahahah!", Phrase #4: "The voices whisper their guidance through me...they carve out two paths for you to walk. The first is to run safely away, the other is to move forward into the black abyss. Enticing choices eh?"Phrase #5: "(assorted laughs and cackles)"The Soothsayer Witch Animated Prop can be assembled standing or can also sit on a chair as you choose. Set-up is easy, assembled in less than 30 minutes with snap-together rods that do the work for you. Three different Activation Modes include Steady-On, Infrared Sensor, or a Step-Here Pad. A Volume Control allows you to adjust to your surroundings. The included Universal Adapter come
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WARNING for California Residents